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01.31pm: GSi ABS SENSOR - Rear Nearside (N/S) 199. For year 1991 . 06.29am: 1.5 CRDI ABS SENSOR - Rear Nearside (N/S) 2.0 d. For year 2002 .
03.47am: alternator ABS SENSOR - Rear Offside (O/S) 1.5l. For year 1999 . 06.45pm: coupe se ABS SENSOR - Rear Nearside (N/S) 1.6. For year 2009 .
09.04am: lsi ABS SENSOR - Rear Offside (O/S) 1341cc. For year 1996 . 05.49am: CDX ABS SENSOR - Front Offside (O/S Drivers Side) 1598. For year 1998 .
10.11am: gls ABS SENSOR - Rear Offside (O/S) .900. For year 2007 . 03.01am: ls ABS SENSOR - Rear Nearside (N/S) 2500. For year 2007 .
07.24pm: CXi ABS SENSOR - Front Nearside (N/S Passengers Side) 1.6GLS. For year 1997 . 03.05pm: cdi ABS SENSOR - Rear Nearside (N/S) 1200. For year 2007 .
07.51am: es ABS SENSOR - Rear Offside (O/S) 1982. For year 2000 . 04.43am: gsi ABS SENSOR - Front Nearside (N/S Passengers Side) 1.6. For year 2008 .

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